Discover how the "Learn, Support And Earn Training Experience" will help you master the art and science of generating leads and creating property deals - The Rocket Fuel For ANY Property Business
Join the Insiders Circle to access a unique blend of expert training, day to day advice and community support, that fits around your life... all for an affordable and sustainable monthly fee
BONUS: For a limited time, get access to our bonus course: Sourcing Property Deals In A Virtual World when you sign up to become an Insiders Circle member
Will A Future In Property Investing Unlock The Door To Your Financial Independence and Freedom?
You already know the answer is "YES"!

It's why you're here.

So imagine a time in the not too distant future when...

  • You're generating more than enough income to replace your existing salary
  • You have the freedom to choose exactly what you do with your time
  • You're living a richer lifestyle and not watching every penny
  • You feel pride and fulfilment having achieved the financial and professional success you know you're capable of
What's holding you back?
Is it fear?
  • Fear of making an expensive mistake and losing your hard earned cash in a failed deal?
  • Fear your lack of knowledge and experience will be 'exposed' when talking with agents and vendors?
  • Fear of spending large sums of money on training courses created by the next 'property guru' whose motivations are to just make a quick buck?
Or are you gripped by self doubt?
  • Do you see others on Facebook boasting of their latest deals and can't help but wonder if you've got what it takes to do deals like theirs?
  • Have you been going at this property investing thing for a while now and had higher expectations of the progress you should have made? Are you starting to question whether you're the reason for your lack of progress?
  • Do you see old friends and and people you went to school with way ahead of you financially and wonder what it was they did right and you did wrong?
Not Happy With Your Speed Of Progress?
It's Not Your Fault...The Odds Are Stacked Against You, Heavily
You're here because you recognise the need to educate yourself around property investing and specifically deal sourcing.

But the way traditional property investing training is delivered means the odds are stacked against you achieving the success you want.


Because the traditional seminar based training model is broken.

A bold statement, but it's what people just like you told us was wrong.

Here's what currently happens with traditional seminar training:

  • You're excited to start learning so you book your seminar training but then have to wait weeks or even months until the actual event.
  • ​You get funnelled into a soulless and stale basement conference room of a hotel.
  • ​You get information fire-hosed at you for 2 or 3 days solid.
  • ​You're expected to furiously scribble down notes in the hope you'll be able to understand them in 3 months time...when you REALLY need them.
  • ​And once you've finished the seminar you're left to fend for yourself with no further support or help...unless you want to spend another few thousand £££ on the upsold mentoring programme that is!
Still Not Convinced Traditional Seminar Training Is Slowing Down Your Progress?
Here's The Scientific Proof
This is the 'The Learning Pyramid', from research carried out by the National Training Laboratories in Maine, US.

The pyramid illustrates the percentage you the learner retains or recalls based on how the information is delivered to you.

At the top of the pyramid is the 'Traditional Seminar' or lectures which is currently how all property investing training is delivered.

Down the right side of the pyramid you'll notice the average information retention rate after 24 hours for a seminar is just 5%.

So only 5% of the information delivered to you in a traditional seminar setting is retained by you 24 hours after leaving that seminar.

Said another way - 95% of the information taught in a traditional property training seminar is actually forgotten 24 hours after you leave!

That's quite shocking isn't it?

It's no wonder you're feeling frustrated by your lack of progress.

Traditional Training Seminars Are The Most Inefficient Way Of Learning New Information, Yet They Are The Most Expensive
Why ?

Inefficient - because it's such a passive way of learning.

Most expensive - because no one has found an alternative and better way, until now.

Conversely if you look down the pyramid you'll notice the methods of learning change significantly.

As the methods become increasingly interactive and experiential the amount of information you retain rockets upwards.

These methods offer a significantly richer and rewarding learning experience for you.

And that means you get results faster...'ll generate more leads, you'll do more viewings, you'll get better and faster at analysing deals, you'll gain more confidence talking to agents and vendors.

You'll ultimately do more deals faster and accelerate the progress toward your goals.

It's conclusive - not only did you tell us you weren't happy with traditional training seminars, the science was there to prove it.

So we set about fixing that problem by creating the Insiders Circle.

The "Learn, Support & Earn" Training Experience
As a member you'll learn the art and science of generating leads and converting them to deals, either to grow your own portfolio or package and sell on for profit
Here's What's Included In Your Membership:
BONUS: For a limited time, get access to our bonus course: Sourcing Property Deals In A Virtual World when you sign up to become an Insiders Circle member
You'll get access to 5 in-depth property sourcing trainings
The 7 step system includes everything needed to take you through the lifecycle of a sourced and packaged property deal. Includes detailed training on how to Source, Analyse, Secure, Package, Sell and Progress property deals.
(Website price: £2499 +VAT)
Over 6 hours of videos. How to do viewings with agents, direct to seller and virtually. How to estimate refurbs. Detailed training on strategy specific due diligence covering BMV, Lease Options, Rent to Rent, Flips and Buy To Let. Includes deal calculator templates. (Website price £279)
The 90 day real time plan to finding your first rent to rent deal. 28 easy to digest videos taking you step by step through researching, finding, analysing, securing and signing rent to rent deals. Includes all deal calculators and templates you'll need.
(Website price: £499)
Over 4 hours of 25 step by step 'how to' videos covering 20 different sourcing strategies. Downloadable 'fill in the blanks' letter and design templates plus phone scripts. (Website price: £279)
The full 7 step Goliath system. 8 plus hours of video recorded over two days taking you step by step through the process of sourcing, analysing, securing, packaging and selling deals to an hungry list of investors.
(Website price £279)
Plus these other great resources:
  • Bite sized 5 to 15 minute videos of tactical hints, tips and advice to get you quick results
  • ​Created in direct response to the hurdles and questions members are facing and asking
  • ​Updated regularly as new questions and challenges come in and market conditions shift and change
  • Monthly interactive live mastermind calls where we go deep into the challenges members are facing
  • ​Sessions are recorded and available to watch in the members area 24/7
  • ​Updated regularly as new questions and challenges come in and market conditions shift and change
  • Our members-only Facebook group is made up of 300+ skilled and generous property investors and deal packagers who are ready to answer all your questions at any time, day or night
  • ​Mastermind, learn and share information, tactics and strategies with fellow property deal sourcers and experts working at the coal face, sleeves rolled up doing ACTUAL deals
BONUS: For a limited time, get access to our bonus course: Sourcing Property Deals In A Virtual World when you sign up to become an Insiders Circle member
Here's what Insiders Circle members have to say:
"...they have the knowledge, experience and trustworthy advice to give to any property professional"
"Highly recommend for anyone looking to scale their knowledge in the property world"
"I am 100% convinced that Mark & Brad at Goliath provide the best property investment training."
"I get to go over the content as much as I want, whenever I want... I use it to motivate myself"
"Would have been lost without joining Insiders Circle... you can ask any question... get an answer immediately"
"...extremely helpful for anyone starting out in sourcing as well as people that already have vast experience"
"Innovative training that you can access as many times as needed until it sinks in"
"...the Insiders Circle has everything you need to advance your sourcing career"
BONUS: For a limited time, get access to our bonus course: Sourcing Property Deals In A Virtual World when you sign up to become an Insiders Circle member
Who we are
Hi, I'm Mark Dunsmore. I was an estate agent for 10 years working for one of the big corporate firms until I realised I could achieve my financial goals working for myself sourcing property deals for other investors. That's when Goliath Property Solutions was born. We source property deals for our clients all over the world using traditional and creative strategies. Now I want to share our sourcing strategies with you and help you achieve your financial goals.
Hi, I'm Brad Lazarus. I'm a small business entrepreneur and property investor. I've got two businesses outside of Goliath which I've had since 2003 so I know what it takes to survive and thrive out there 'on your own' so to speak. I bring my passion and experience of cutting edge online marketing techniques, outsourcing and business systems to complement Mark's incredible depth of property knowledge.
as featured in
Are you ready to start or scale your property investing business and DO IT RIGHT? Join the Insiders Circle and you'll be able to:
  • Learn to generate leads & create deals
  • Get access to affordable training and support to create a truly sustainable path to replacing your job income.
  • Eliminate the trial and error cycle and fast forward to strategies that work
  • Have cash freed up to spend on marketing campaigns and actually growing your property business.
  • Have training and support 'on tap' allowing you to access it 24/7 to fit around your job and busy life
BONUS: For a limited time, get access to our bonus course: Sourcing Property Deals In A Virtual World when you sign up to become an Insiders Circle member
Frequently Asked Questions
I’m right at the start of my property journey, will the Insiders Circle be right for me?
Absolutely – As part of your membership you'll receive access to fice of our online training programmes. All five provide the information any newbie needs to get started fast.
I’ve been sourcing deals for a while, will being an Insiders Circle member help me?
Assuming you want to do more deals and grow your business faster, then YES it will. The Insiders Circle can help you with finding more lead generation channels and methods, helping you analyse more deals faster and helping you find bigger deals that make you more money.
I’m sourcing deals primarily to build my own portfolio. Is the Insiders Circle right for me?
Yes. The Insiders Circle isn't just for those who want to build property sourcing and deal packaging businesses. There is massive value inside the training and community for those looking to source, analyse and negotiate deals for their own portfolios. You'll be amongst property professionals who are at the cutting edge coal face of deal sourcing.
I’ve already been on a deal sourcing training course, are you not just offering more of the same?
NO – far from it in fact. We speak with a lot property sourcers. The majority of them have been on some kind of training but when it came to actually sourcing deals day to day they felt alone and craved support. This is one of the main reasons we created the Insiders Circle. Yes you'll get top quality training but the real value for you is the ongoing support from the community and the 1-2-1 deal coaching when you need it. Our goal is to provide you with A grade support and guidance so that you get more deals over the line faster and make more money.
Why should I become a member today instead of waiting?
Because only when you take massive action will you see results. Simple as that. If you really want to make a success of your property sourcing business then you can't just rely on the 'theory' taught in a course. You need answers, support, community and guidance from people in the trenches doing this everyday. It's a critical piece of the success puzzle missed by so many.
What if I don’t enjoy the Insiders Circle and want to cancel my membership?
Obviously we'd love it if our members stuck around forever, after all we're not going anywhere! But we know people change their minds, timing might not be right, circumstances change and so on. If you decide to cancel you can do so at anytime by emailing support. Your monthly subscription is taken at the start of the month so you'll still have full access until the end of that months billing period. After the end of the billing period all access will be revoked.
Is the content available straight away or is it drip fed?
You have access to all the online courses and the community from the second you sign up for Insiders Circle membership. No waiting for content to be released. Just jump in and start making use of the training and the info in the community straight away.
I have another question that isn’t answered here, who do I contact?
If you have any questions that haven't been answered here, or would like clarification on anything about the Insiders Circle or any other trainings we provide just email support [at] and we'd be more than happy to help.
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