Stop waiting for property deals to fall in your lap and start using the sourcing methods of the most successful investors
Do you know how to source property deals to keep your deal pipeline full of property leads?

How is it that some property investors seem to have an endless flow of great property deals?

Do you find yourself scratching your head bewildered at the speed some investors are able to grow their portfolios or sourcing businesses, while you're scrabbling around for months looking for that one deal that stacks up?

Are you struggling to find a consistent flow of quality property deal leads

Have you just simply run out of ideas on where to source your next deal from?
Without a regular flow of deals you can't grow your property business and reach your financial goals.

It's as simple as that.
You're not alone...

Finding a consistent flow of great property deals is one of the biggest challenges property investors face.

Over the last few years the market's gotten tougher.

No longer can you rely on one or two deal sources.

You need multiple channels for your deals to flow from.
The Online Course
Imagine what it would be like if you had the competitive advantage of being able to generate deals from multiple sources... not just the one or two most investors currently have.

Imagine having a system whereby you had a consistent stream of deals landing on your desk with the luxury of being able to cherry pick the best for your own portfolio.

Imagine having so many great deals you can create a significant extra income stream by packaging up the ones you don't want and passing them onto other investors for anything from £2000 to £5000 a deal.

The truth deals are everywhere.

With the right sourcing methods and techniques you'll overcome the bottlenecks.

You'll feel liberated, relieved and excited at the wealth of options that are now open to you.
20 Ways To Source Property Deals online course will enable you to...
  • Seek out, uncover and profit from off market property deals other investors miss (because they don't know where to look)
  • Reach your property income goals faster by generating more leads from more lead generation channels.
  • Take control of your property business by sourcing deals directly from vendors and landlords and thereby reducing your reliance on agents and third parties.
  • Future proof your business by building multiple 'pillars' of property deal flow so you never need to worry about relying on just the one or two lead generation channels most investors rely on.
  • Source properties for multiple investing strategies regularly and quickly
  • Never find yourself 'stuck' in your property business. With so many step by step guides on channels and ways to source your next deal you'll always have plenty of options.
  • Add a significant extra income stream to your property business by sourcing more deals to package up and sell for a fee.
  • Save weeks, months or even years of your time by following proven step by step property sourcing strategies
  • And so much more...
"Managed to line up 5 possible rent to rent deals..."
"The content is soooo good..."
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Take a Look at What You'll Discover
  • 4 hours of more than 25 'look over my shoulder' videos taking you step by step through all 20 sourcing methods.
  • Downloadable 'fill in the blanks' direct mail letter templates that you can just copy and paste your details and use immediately.
  • Tried and tested telephone scripts covering numerous situations and deal types. These take you step by step through conversations you'll have with landlords and homeowners. Just print them out and keep them by the phone.
  • Downloadable spreadsheet templates to help you build lists, log, track and measure your progress and success.
  • Newspaper, leaflet, postcard, bandit board and flyer design templates. Just fill in your specific details and they're ready to use.
"If you're struggling to move forward, do something to get yourself education and support..."
"I did not know just how good your coaching would be..."
Is This Course Right For You?
Whatever your investing strategy be it Rent to Rent, Below Market Value, Flips, Lease Options or Buy To Let the methods taught in the course will show you step by step how to find the deals that are right for you.

The course is right for you if you're...
  • the early stages of building your property sourcing and deal packaging business.
  • existing property sourcing business owner and want to take your business to the next level of growth.
  • the early stages of your property investing journey and looking for solid and proven strategies to begin generating a consistent flow of deals.
  • advanced investor with an existing portfolio that you want to grow by sourcing deals from previously untapped channels.
  • ...a full time professional property investor and want to add another revenue stream through sourcing, packaging and selling deals to other investors .
The Man Behind The Training
Hi, I'm Mark Dunsmore. I was an estate agent for 10 years working for one of the big corporate firms until I realised I could achieve my financial goals working for myself sourcing property deals for other investors. That's when Goliath Property Solutions was born. We source property deals for our clients all over the world using traditional and creative strategies. Now I want to share our sourcing strategies with you and help you achieve your financial goals.
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Take control of your property deal sourcing...

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